April 12, 2013

The Rock Climbing Wall at Seattle Executive Fitness Appears to be Off Limits To Members!

Quite recently the following sign appeared on the door that leads to the artificial rock climbing wall area at Seattle Executive Fitness. The sign gives the appearance that the rock climbing wall is no longer accessible to members of the gym. Ironically, the area that includes the rock climbing wall is apparently a publicly accessible area, that can be accessed by anyone who enters the medical dental building from the street, to get to the newly relocated florist shop and the small cafe and restaurant that have always been there.

Sign on door to Rock Climbing Wall Area
This sign seems like another aspect of the ongoing decline of Seattle Executive Fitness into mismanaged oblivion. The text of the sign reads:

This is an emergency exit only 
- Alarm will sound -
If you enter or exit this door for anything other than an emergency you will not be allowed back in this facility at any time in the future!

The sign also provides a purview of the personality of the gym's owner, Merle Gregg, given that the sign makes an ultimate threat of termination from the building, which would surely include termination of employment for staff members and termination of membership for a gym member. Then of course the terminated gym member would likely still be stuck with Seattle Executive Fitness and ABC Financial continuing to debit their credit unlawfully.

Taken altogether, this sign is just another of the dozens upon dozens of indicators to anyone who is either a current member of this gym, or who is considering membership at this gym, that they should be very wary. This gyms's unlawful business practices, and the unlawful and often fraudulent tactics used by this gym's owner seem like clear indications that anyone who joins this gym is in for an extremely negative experience. 

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