November 15, 2013

Precor's State of the Art Equipment - isn't available at Seattle Executive Fitness

The newest models of the cardiovascular exercise machines available from Precor aren't available at Seattle Executive Fitness. The Precor cardio training machines at Seattle Executive Fitness are approximately six or seven years old. The Cybex treadmills at Seattle Executive Fitness are even older.

Current model Precor elliptical trainer machines, such as the state of the art Precor EFX 885, not only include both elliptical stride motion and adjustable ramp angle, they have a modern full sized touchscreen LCD control panel, not the outmoded LED panels on the older 556i and 546i models found at Seattle Executive Fitness. This new design provides many more options than the ones available on the equipment at Seattle Executive fitness, most of which are outdated discontinued models.

The video below shows this newest Precor cardio training equipment in action, and some of the features these newer machines include.

Precor Fitness makes very nice cardiovascular training equipment. However, only two of Precor's last year's model Adaptive Motion Trainer cardio machines are available at the 509 Olive Way, Seattle Executive Fitness facility.