October 15, 2012

Worn Out Cybex Arm Curl (Biceps) Machine

When Merle Gregg first took over the gym at 511 Olive Way, the Cybex Arm Curl, bicep, training machine was in medium shape. The arm pads were showing some wear, but they were still okay. Over the course of the past year, the arm wrests on the Cybex Arm Curl machine have become very worn.

Despite repeated requests from many members about this machine, Merle Gregg and his staff have not repaired it. The first photograph of it below, shows its condition a year ago. The second photograph of it below shows it condition recently, after Merle Gregg and his staff crammed the machine into the area that used to be the stretching room. Notice all the cracks in the arm rest. One really has to wonder why the people who run Seattle Executive Fitness won’t invest in replacing that worn out part of that machine.

Cybex Arm Curl machine a year ago, less worn

Cybex Arm Curl, with very worn arm rest pad

Closeup of worn out arm pad on Cybex Arm Curl (bicep) machine.