June 5, 2013

The Sound of an aging Cybex Treadmill in need of Serious Maintenance

This is what an aging Cybex brand treadmill sounds like when it hasn't been maintained or serviced for years. The sound of the treadmill in this video seems loud enough to nearly shatter someone's ear drums. Seriously, that isn't a jack hammer being used inside the gym, that astoundingly loud pounding sound is that Cybex treadmill. As with much of the equipment at Seattle Executive Fitness, the Cybex brand treadmills are all an aging discontinued model that is so old the machines don't even include individual cardio theater. But like much of the equipment at Seattle Executive Fitness, treadmills like this one often go months or even years without service or repair. For reference, the current Cybex brand treadmills look like the models at this link. All of them have optional individual cardio theater systems, as well onboard virtual mapping features and full LCD, displays, not the ancient dot matrix style LED displays on the aging treadmills at Seattle Executive Fitness. Meanwhile, Seattle Executive Fitness members are stuck using equipment, some of which is nearly a decade old, completely out of date, and constantly in need of repair. The aging equipment is just part of what makes Merle Gregg's Seattle Executive Fitness a one star gym on yelp.com instead of the five star gym it could be with modern equipment and a reasonable list of other improvements.

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