February 15, 2016

Go Total Body Fitness - The Zombie Gym - The Fitness Walking Dead

The unscrupulous hucksters who have operated a gym in downtown Seattle at 509 Olive Way by various names for a number of years, seem to continue on like a form of business zombie.

They are the fitness club walking dead.

Although the gym at 509 Olive Way now calls itself Go Total Body Fitness these days, it is still owned and operated, at least in part, by Merle Gregg. Merle Gregg has managed to all but destroy every fitness business he has every been associated with, regardless of name. The gym used to be called Seattle Executive Fitness. Before that it was called Epicenter Fitness. With each name change, Merle Gregg's gym has gotten worse and worse, smaller and smaller, and more and more badly managed.

Based on the reviews at yelp.com, Merle Gregg and his cohorts are still perpetrating the same bad business scams they've been using for years.

Merle Gregg even still employs company man huckster John Bartlett as his sidekick in business mismanagement as well.

The irony, is that the antics of Merle Gregg, John Bartlett, and crew, seem to prove the old adage that "there's a sucker born every minute", because they still seem to manage to convince people to join their gym. This is astonishing, since what is left of the gym at 509 Olive Way is only about one tenth the size that it was when Merle Gregg bought the gym from its previous owner back in 2011.

What is also astonishing, is that Merle Gregg has thus far managed to keep from going completely bankrupt. That is truly a wonder.

Meanwhile, most people who work or live near downtown Seattle have found alternative places to workout. Other gyms may be mismanaged as well, but Merle Gregg's antics over the years have been so historically horrendous that any other gym within an hour's drive is likely at least a small improvement.