July 12, 2012

Seattle Executive Fitness Isn't "Executive" Enough for Professional Quality Signage

Apparently, Merle Gregg, the owner of Seattle Executive Fitness, is too cheap to install professional signage at his establishment. The signage at his "Executive" club doesn't seem very "Executive".

Update: The Seattle Executive Fitness location on Olive Way in Seattle doesn't even have its own external entrance anymore! Currently, Seattle Executive Fitness members must enter through the lobby of the Medical Dental Building. Merle Gregg appears to be in such deep financial trouble that he has given up portions of the space he rents from the company's landlord as a last ditch effort to cut back on costs and expenses before the complete collapse of his gyms. Be forewarned before you join this gym. The experience at this gym is beyond one's worst nightmares of the extent to which gyms can be predatory, unscrupulous, businesses.