March 14, 2013

Seattle Executive Fitness Deterioration Continues

It seems like every aspect of Seattle Executive Fitness continues to deteriorate. Every aspect of the neglect gives the appearance that the gym's owner, Merle Gregg, may be in serious financial trouble, with his gyms on the very of bankruptcy and closure. The list of obvious problems, some that have existed for a long period of time, and others that are new, is long and disturbing. Here are some of the more recent events that should give existing members pause, and should deter any prospective member from joining this disreputable, fraud plagued, establishment. Here is a partial of list of some of the recently noticed problems:
  • the Olive Way location no longer has a separate entrance.
  • the Olive Way location has been made smaller.
  • the Olive Way location no longer provides easy access to the climbing wall area.
  • the Olive Way location walls now display numerous threatening and disrespectful signs
  • the gyms are dirty and don't seem to ever get cleaned.
  • the equipment sets at the gyms are incomplete, and poorly if ever maintained.
  • in a desperate attempt to save money, the owner has threatened to stop providing towel service.
  • the gym's numerous fraudulent billing practices continue, and continue to be reported.
  • the gyms's advertised prepaid plan offers are not honored.
There are many other very problems worth highlighting. This list will be updated in the future.