October 22, 2013

Seattle Executive Fitness Posts Signs About Reductions in Service that contains LIES, LIES, LIES, AND MORE AND MORE LIES!

The management at Seattle Executive Fitness is just telling, lies, lies, lies, and more and more lies. Recently, signs have been posted around the 509 Olive Way location of Seattle Executive Fitness that attempt in vain to explain away the fact that a huge portion of the gym's floor space is now gone. No reasonable person could possibly be gullible enough to believe the sort of nonsense that these signs attempt to peddle at the gym's members. It is obvious to every intelligent Seattle Executive Fitness member that the gym's shocking size reduction is the product of financial desperation, to reduce the overhead expense of floor space rental. Here's one of the so called FAQ signs posted around the gym:
Click for a larger version with readable text.

#1 The previous free weight area at the northwest corner of the gym's third floor was not only bigger than the new one, it just had better ambiance. The people using it on a regular basis enjoyed it. The "new" free weight area has cannibalized the previous Cybex treadmill room. The entire gym downsizing process is the opposite of what thousands of gym member customers have been trying to tell the gym's management for years, but the gym management has never listened.

#2 This is probably the most egregious of the gym management's lies. Basically, this idiotic gym is all but abandoning strength training equipment. People join gyms because gyms have thousands and thousands and dollars worth of training equipment that only a billionaire with room for a home gym could afford as an individual. Seattle Executive Fitness management has left only a half dozen, token, pieces of Cybex VR3 strength training machines on the third floor, but not enough for anyone to use for a reasonable strength machine oriented workout of any kind. Removal of the strength straining equipment, more than any other ridiculous change at the gym, spells total doom for Seattle Executive Fitness.

#3 What the dedicated personal trainer area is really about, is trying to focus members of paying for expensive private sessions with their staff, because they don't have enough members paying monthly dues to in pay their rent and employee wages.

#4 The floor space reduction not only axed the popular kickboxing studio, that gear is supposedly going to be cluttering up the aerobics studios, getting in the way of people trying to do something different. Obviously, there are going to be same number of group classes competing for the space in the reduced number of group studios.

#5 They are apparently going to remodel the group class studios, creating a smaller spin class room. The members whose primary reason for a gym membership is spin classes are very unhappy about this.

#6 THE WOMEN'S GYM IS GOING BYE-BYE!!!  A huge segment of this gym's membership population is women who use the women's only gym almost exclusively. Most importantly the LifeFitness strength training machines in the Women's gym has a lighter set of weight plates in each machine that the machines on the third floor don't/didn't. Didn't is the opertive word, since most of the strength training machines are now gone from the third floor too!

After years of alienating their gym members one at a time, the people who run Seattle Executive Fitness have finally found a way to alienate everybody else who has remained a member in the naive hope that company management might some day see the light. The light that members are seeing these days is the exit sign, signalling to them that its time to just cancel their memberships, quit, and find another gym, one that at least has gym equipment.

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