October 5, 2013

As An Indication of the Apparently Desperate Financial Times at Seattle Executive Fitness, Two Thirds of the Third Floor Workout Space is Gone!

The latest sign of financial desperation at Seattle Executive Fitness (SEF), is that the company has reduced the size of its third floor workout out area by nearly two thirds! Most gym members have developed the impression this is a sign that Seattle Executive Fitness may be taking its last desperate gasps before complete financial collapse. This is the third time Seattle Executive Fitness has given floor space back to its landlord at 509 Olive Way in a series of desperate attempts to save on fixed costs such as space rental.

The first wave of space reductions came about a year ago when Seattle Executive Fitness reduced the size of its stretching floor by half. At the same time SEF made part of what was the circuit training area a stretching floor and crammed the circuit training equipment that was there into what was left of the stretching room. The second wave of space reductions, an even more obvious attempt to cut costs, when removal of the formal street level entrance lobby on the first floor. The Seattle Executive Fitness gym at 509 Olive Way no longer has its own separate entrance. Instead, the gym requires members to enter through the main lobby of the building, past a forlorn looking reception desk.

The bottom line is that two thirds of the third floor workout area is now gone! The floor space that Seattle Executive Fitness has given back to its landlord used to include:
  • its large free weight workout area
  • its hammer strength workout area
  • its selectorized weight machine circuit training area
  • its previous stretching and calisthenics floor
  • its large kickboxing studio at the southwest corner of the third floor
What remains is a cramped, disorganized, shambles that has three sections: a small stretching/toning floor area; a cramped and claustrophic cardio training area, part of which has a few plate selectorized circuit training machines, but not enough to be useful; and a new smaller free weights room which was previously the Cybex treadmill room with HDTVs. Please check back soon for more details about everything that is happening, and what it likely means for SEF members and the what seems like the impending demise of this once palatable gym that only needed minor improvements to be a first class facility. It is just sad, sad, sad, that this gym's management has never listened to its customers, and is instead going in the opposite direction of what the majority of the gym's customers have wanted for years. Unfortunately, this sad turn of events doesn't come as too much of a surprise really, since the gym's owner, Merle Gregg, has run every gym he has managed over the years into the ground, and into one form of ruination or another.

Here's a photo of the wall blocking off what was once two thirds or more of the third floor workout facility at the Olive Way Seattle Executive Fitness location.

blocked off wall of reduce third floor workout area