October 8, 2013

AllStar Fitness, Before Its Destruction Under Ownership by Merle Gregg as Seattle "Executive" Fitness

The photos below show what some of AllStar Fitness looked like three years ago, before Merle Gregg took over, turned it into Seattle "Executive" Fitness, and has step by step destroyed just about everything it once was.

The first three year old photo below provides a view from the cardio fitness section all the way to the west end of the building, which was where the free weights room was until recently. At the far end, the gym used to extend around the corner to the left where there was a kickboxing studio at the southwest corner of the third floor.

Back then, there were three sets of equipment in the circuit training area between the cardio section and the free weights section. One set of strength training equipment was a grouping of Cybex VR3 (second tier of the Cybex line but very functional) circuit training machines. There was also various LifeFitness Signature Series strength training machines intermingled with them. Some of the LifeFitness machines were the newer Signature Series models, but some were also functional, but nearly twenty year old, machines. Both the older and newer LifeFitness strength machines remained until a most of the circuit training area midway down the hall in this photo, was walled off, no longer a part of the gym. In the photo below, at left center, a group of ancient Nautilus brand circuit training was still present before Merle Gregg took over. The old Nautilus brand equipment was removed in the summer of 2011 at the very beginning of the ownership change.

This second photograph shows the once well organized treadmill room at AllStar Fitness, before Merle Gregg got control of it.

When the gym at 509 Olive Way was owned by AllStar Fitness, the portion of the gym that connected the Cybex treadmill room with the main cardio fitness area was occupied by a well organized, large selection of Precor treadmills and Precor elliptical training machines. In this midst of the ownership dispute between Merle Gregg and Sam Adams in late summer 2011, a significant portion of this equipment suddenly disappeared, and it never returned, and was never replaced by any new equipment either. Today what is left of the cardio equipment on the third floor of the gym at 509 Olive Way, are models of old cardio training machines that aren't even manufactured anymore. They appear to range in age from six to as much as ten years old, with many of them in constant need of repair because of their age.

Three years ago, the main cardio fitness area at what used to be AllStar Fitness was well organized, spacious, and adequate room between each piece of equipment, and accessible even for many disabled people.

After over two years of decline, deterioration, and mismanagement, the inadequate space that is left at the gym now known as Seattle "Executive Fitness, is a completely disorganized mess. The name of the place should probably be - Seattle Skid Row Fitness.