April 11, 2013

Seattle Executive Fitness Has Just A Dozen Cardio Theater Television Channels, Worse Yet, Some Are Often Blocked

There is nothing "Executive" at all about the selection or quantity of television channels on the Cardio Theater system at Seattle Executive Fitness. To make matters worse, often when flipping through the ten or twelve basic cable channels the chintzy owner provides, the cable/satellite television provider, apparently Dish Network, has blocked a channel because the owner hasn't paid the bill for it. When Seattle Executive Fitness was All Star Fitness, and owned by Bob Padgett, not Merle Gregg, the gym's Cardio Theater system was connected to ComCast cable. Back in the Allstar Fitness days at the Olive Way gym, there were more channels, they had all the broadcast channels, plus a reasonable number of cable channels, and there weren't ever any of the sorts of blocked channel notices that all too often appear on the television screens at Seattle Executive Fitness like the one pictured below does. The less than "Executive" experience gets worse at Seattle Executive Fitness though; all too often the televisions on the cardio equipment just stop working altogther, as though the power isn't on within them or something, and they often stay that way for days or weeks, until dozens or hundreds of people have complained about them.

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