October 24, 2013

Seattle Executive Fitness, Before and After - Before: Cybex Treadmill Room - After: Cramped Free Weights Room

When the gym at 509 Olive Way was AllStar Fitness, the area depicted in the first photo below was a dedicated treadmill cardio training room, filled with well organized rows of Cybex treadmills. There was an array of HDTVs on the wall, since the older model treadmills at the time didn't come with individual cardio theater systems.
The latest Cybex treadmills, like the console depicted at the left, do have the individual cardio theater systems which have become standard equipment on cardio training machines at nearly every self respecting commercial fitness club in America. Even without the latest innovations and conveniences of the current cardio training equipment that is offered by companies like LifeFitness, Precor, Cybex, and others, the Cybex treadmills that have been at Seattle Executive Fitness could remain serviceable as long as they are well maintained. Over the years though, the Cybex treadmills at Seattle Executive Fitness have became less and less well maintained.

Recently, after most of the third floor gym was downsized into its current decimated condition, this is what the miniscule free weights area looks like, in the room that was once dedicated to Cybex treadmills.

It is extremely difficult to imagine how Seattle Executive Fitness management believes it can stay in business with other gyms in the Seattle area that are fully equipped with vast arrays of the latest fitness equipment, setup neatly in well organized configurations, within spacious, comfortable, facilities.

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