April 23, 2013

Seattle Executive Fitness Entrance Becomes a Weight Watchers

There are indicators everywhere that Seattle Executive Fitness owner Merle Gregg is in dire financial straits and is taking desperate measures to save money as he gradually destroys a workout facility that was once a pretty nice place. When Seattle Executive Fitness opened years ago as AllStar Fitness (now bankrupt), the gym had a street presence with a separate first floor entrance way and member lounge area. Over the course of the past six months or so, Seattle Executive Fitness owner Merle Gregg has allowed the landlord at 509 Olive Way to reclaim multiple portions of the gym's space for lease to other tenants. There doesn't seem to be any reasonable conclusion to reach other than financial desperation by Merle Gregg, trying to reduce his monthly rental expense obligation as his failing business hemorrhages cash each month. Ironically, the more he scrimps and neglects the core of his business, the workout facility and services, the less attractive his gym becomes to its current members and the prospective new members his business needs in order to stay afloat. 

Many months ago, Merle Gregg reduced the size of the main third floor workout area. The space Merle Gregg gave back to the Olive Way landlord used to be half of the stretching and personal training area. That area has now been taken over by a florist shop that also used to have a street level presence on the first floor, but is now only accessible through the third floor atrium area that now seems to be a public part of the building. It is hard to imagine how that florist shop is going to survive without a street level retail presence.

Over the course of the past couple of years, dozens upon dozens of consumer reviews of Seattle Executive Fitness on yelp.com have given Merle Gregg suggestions on how to make his gyms the best they can be. Merle Gregg gives the appearance that he has simply ignored the suggestions provided him by the customers who generate the revenue his business needs to succeed. Instead of staying focused on building and maintaining a quality place to workout, Merle Gregg has either ignored customer suggestions, or done things that seem deliberately self destructive to his business. It is amazing how many members of his gyms over the years have said that if he just put effort into making his gym a good place to workout, with honest business practices, it would go from a place whose customers complain on yelp.com to a thriving fitness center that would be the prime choice of people who work and live in downtown Seattle. 

511 Olive Way will soon be a Weight Watcher's franchise

Slow progress on the Weight Watcher's franchise leasehold improvements.

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