March 23, 2013

Precor 556i Bookrack Left Without Repair for Two Years!

The contents of the photograph below requires some subtle observation to understand its importance and relevance to this article about Seattle Executive Fitness. If one looks closely at the control panel on this Precor 556i elliptical trainer, about two thirds of the way down the panel, there are three horizontal shaped holes. Where those holes appear, there should be a horizontal rack/shelf where a book, magazine, or tablet computer, can be placed for reading while getting a cardiovascular workout on the machine. Many Seattle Executive Fitness members bring their iPads, Amazon Kindles, and Google Nexus tablets, to the gym with them for use while getting their cardiovascular workout. Those members however, can't use their tablets on this elliptical, because the book rack has been broken for two years without repair, two whole years.

Despite repeated complaints made by hundreds, if not thousands, of gym members over the course of two years, there is equipment at Seattle Executive Fitness, like the Precor machine below, that has gone without repair for that entire time! Multiple members report watching staff enter repair information they have requested into the written equipment log at the front desk repeatedly, without ever seeing a response to their requests in the form of repaired equipment. It is this sort of systematic neglect, which over time has transformed from negligence into a more pernicious callousness toward this gymn's paying customers by its owner and managers. On the surface, failure to repair/replace the book rack on an elliptical trainer may seem like a small thing, but when it represents one of hundreds of problems throughout the Seattle Executive Fitness gyms, it implies a complete lack of concern by the gym's management for the experiences of gym members trying to get workouts at their facilities. 

It has become apparent over time that the owner, Merle Gregg, not only doesn't care, his behavior and responses vary from denial to belligerence and retaliation against the very members who provide financial sustenance for his business! That the owner of such a service business is so willing to bite the very hands that financially feed his business's existence generates a level of concern that it seems like anyone and everyone in the Seattle general public should be seriously concerned about if they are a member of his gyms, or are considering become a member of them. 

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